Cork is an Industry Leader in the formulation of Sustainable coatings, varnishes, adhesives, and UV inks for graphic arts and packaging.  Throughout our 30-year history, Cork Industries has earned the reputation of providing innovative solutions to the challenging issues presented by the ever changing converting, packaging and printing industries.  
Leveraging our chemistry expertise, Cork announces Wheel-eez™, our line of commercial car wash and detail cleaners.  Wheel-eez™ is non-corrosive, non-flammable and biodegradable, making it a better cleaning solution for professionals in the car wash industry.
Sustainable Packaging

Cork Industries - Leader in UV Coatings

Multi-wall Bags

High Gloss Multiwall Bag Coatings


New Multi-wall Bag Coatings: Better Gloss & COF

Cork Industries Inc. announces that our UV experts have developed an innovative new generation of UV Gloss Coatings for Multiwall Bags, Corkure-2014M™.

A line of Multiwall Bag formulations:

  • Enhanced High Gloss
  • Reduces post cure gloss dry back
  • Retains a consistent slide angle
  • Minimum change after curing without blocking .
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Barrier Coatings

Barrier Coatings

The concept of barrier coatings can be very straightforward – they keep contents in, the external atmosphere out, and they help maintain the strength of paperboard packaging by preventing moisture or oil and grease absorption.

The concept of barrier coatings can become complex when we consider what the contents are and what properties we are trying to protect.

Cereal, crackers and dozens of other dry goods are sold in folding cartons that require water resistance to protect the contents from moisture.

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Sustainable UV Coating

Cork Chemists' Successes

Cork's chemists have been hard at work with our Green20™ High Gloss UV Coating.  It is our sustainable workhorse gloss coating that is cost effective, an excellent workhorse gloss, friendly on the environment, and safe to handle.

It has been developed for multiple uses, different formulations and qualities, and for varying equipment.  Green20™ Info

Wheel-eez™ is here!  Cork Industries has announced the development of a new wheel cleaner that is based on our sustainable technology.  

Look for this high performance biodegradable cleaner to replace the acidic cleaners at commercial carwarshes in the near future: Expect Cleaner Wheels and a Better Environment.

Wheel-eez™ Wheel Cleaner Info   


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